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Austenitic Stainless Steel Door Hinges&Fittings ROSA STEEL(INDIA)hold single source responsibility to manufacture full range of Austenitic Stainless Steel Door Hinges and Door Fitting with Quality Production.


Efficient Building Engineers always prefer life-long and non corrosion material for use in buildings&other projects. The door hinges being a very small component otherwise, play a vital role to protect the whole building by keeping the doors and windows intact. In a small house of just two rooms, atleast more than 100 hinges are used.

But as per the prevailing practice M. S. Hinges, Brass hinges, Aluminium hinges and even plastic door hinges have been introduced uptill now which result in a very bad taste just after a short pulling down. A building on which lacs of rupees are spent gives a very shabby look when its doors and windows leave their original position and strength due to looseness of the hinges.

Accordingly we have developed YAMA Austenitic Stainless Steel Door Hinges&fittings in different size for use and suitable for almost every building, costal area project, chemical industries, hospitals, all sorts of furniture, ships etc.

Which never looses its original shape, strength, holding power, brightness, meaning thereby, that once a son has fitted “YAMA” Stainless Steel door and Windows Hinges&Fittings his grand son won’t be required to even call a carpenter for setting right these S. S. Door and Windows Hinges&Fittings again or to replace even a pin of the same.


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Mr. Ajay Kumar

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163 I. D. C Hissar Road, Rohtak, Haryana, India



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