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Sound Of Silence

Manufacture And Hardware Fitting

Sound Of Silence

Full Description

We also offer quality Sound Proof Window which are used to reduce noise levels where required. Our windows can be fitted in all places where it is required as specified. Sound proof windows protect your ears from the impacts of noise pollutions. These windows are made of glass which enables it to absorb maximum sound vibration. We supply this window at reasonable price. These sound proof windows are mostly applicable in offices, hotels, cubicles and resorts.


We provide a wide range of Casement Window System (Outward Opening) which suits the needs of clients and used in the most luxurious homes, office, hotel or factory. This casement window is provided with Outward Opening with slim elegant sight lines that are attractive to the eye to produce windows that let in the maximum of light. Our range of windows is easy to install because of its light weight and easy handling. These are available in various designs and colors to meet the specific needs of the clients.


Product Features

  • Main profile wall thickness of > 2.5mm is fully compliant to technical specification set forth in European standard, EN 12608 – Class B.
  • Multiple chamber system design enhances heat and sound insulation properties.
  • Galvanized steel reinforcement of thickness > 1.5 mm imparts optimum stability to the
    window system.
  • It is capable of accommodating different glass thickness through the use of different sized glazing beads from the VEKA range.
  • Vacuum Spraying, Color foil lamination and Vacuum spray coating processes can be applied to the profile systems to satisfy the aesthetical needs for color coordinated windows in development.


Contact Person

Mr. Aliasgar Sajjad

Street Address

No. 334, Adie Mansion, M. S. Ali Road, Grant Road East Mumbai - 400007, Maharashtra, India



Nature of Business


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