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Mytel Glass Solution

Manufacturer & Supplier Of Hardware Fittings

Mytel Glass Solution

Full Description

Our range of products include Door Closer such as Door Closer Gazel, Pelmet Arm Door Closer, Door Closer Triton, Door Closer Mytel, Door Closer Scorpio, Door Closer Classic Queen and many more items.


We have in store Door Closers Gazel that are available with two speeds adjustment parts and have a weight capacity of upto 70 kg. These closers have an aluminum extruded body and are credited for their corrosion resistance, sturdy construction, light weight, durability and dimensional accuracy. Furthermore, these closers are leak proof and smoother in functioning.


Our Pelmet Arm Door Closers have compact body size and do not interfere with aesthetic of the door. These closers have a track arm with hold open function and smooth closing with cam action mechanism. Since, the single body is able to meet both handing, there is no requirement for keeping stock for both left and right hands.




  • Single body size that suits for medium to heave duty door weights and sizes
  • Track arm with hold open function
  • Power adjustable with spring
  • Concealed installation upside down or inside door into transom installation
  • In accordance with door width and weight, the closing force of door can be adjusted
  • Even after installation, the screw at the top helps in power adjustment


Contact Person

Mr. C.P. Jain

Street Address

No. 1-B, Ponnurangam Road East, R. S. Puram Coimbatore - 641002, Tamil Nadu, India



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